Buggy had BigBrother bring some fundraising items to my room during 1st period this morning. (Buggy had forgotten to bring them....shocker!) Since it was my conference period, I got to spend some time talking with BigBro. We spent a great deal of time talking about their little brother, and his problems in school. (He isn't a strong reader, so he's not doing too well...and you & I both know his non-reading status will only create more problems later on.)

I told BigBro I thought it'd be a great idea for him to spend some time reading with the little guy. (BigBro LOVES to read....and BuggyBrother thinks the 2 bigs WALK ON all BigBro would have to do is nod at a book, and there he'd be.) BigBro seemed to think it was a good we were off to the next topic.

Which was his lack of a high school diploma.

Ms. H: What do you want to do with your life?
BigBro: I don't know, Miss.
Ms. H: Okay. Well then, what do you NOT want to do?
BigBro: Huh? (Yep, he's quick like Buggy.)
Ms. H: For instance, I know for a fact I do NOT want to be in a cubicle 40/week...OR teach the little bitty ones....OR work retail. That helps narrow it down.
BigBro: Yeah...I guess that makes sense.

The topic switched to which of his old teachers were still at Uberschool...and he asked me about his AP. She's still there. (She's Buggy's AP now...remember the EndRun?) I told him I was heading to her office....and said he could tag along if he wanted. He did.

We got to SavvyAP's office, and she was terribly busy....but not too busy to chat with BigBro. She spent about 45 seconds doing the "how have you been" bit, and then...


She dropped the Big One.

SavvyAP: So. Have you finished up that diploma yet?

BigBro looked like he swallowed a bug.

And me?


Before BigBro could blink twice, SavvyAP had gotten our AttendanceFacilitator in there to give him some info on a self-paced program, as well as to print out his transcript....and SavvyAP had given him 2 or 3 other options besides.

BigBro just stood there...with a dopey, "WHAT just happened here?" look on his face.

He looked at us and said...."Why do I feel like I have been set up?"

We did the WhiteGirl high-five and cackled joyously.

BigBro went back to my room with me...and we discussed the reality of him going back to school. And the responsibility he has to his little brothers. To drive my point home, I let him read one of Buggy's essays from last year.

The essay where Buggy talks about how much he looks up to his big brother...and wants to make him proud. And how much importance he places on everything BigBro says to him - be it positive or negative.

(You know...considering Buggy keeps saying he doesn't like to write...he sure can get his point across in a powerful way.)

When he finished, BigBro put the essay on my desk and looked up at me. Mr. Puertorrrrrriqueno...I'm tougher than you could ever be....looked up at me with big o' tears in his eyes and said, "Man. Miss. You're going to make me cry."

I blinked back my own waterworks, and said, "I know. That essay is exactly why you need to get your butt back in school... because you are far smarter than you want to admit. And you need to do something with it If not for yourself, then for Buggy and the little guy. You're setting an example for them whether you know it or not."

Before he left my room today, he had promised to talk things over with him mom and to let me know what he decides. I'm praying that he decides this is the time to get himself back on track.

Please, God.