Operation End Run

Remember that letter I helped Buggy write Thursday evening? The one to get out of the Delayed Enlistment Program? The one that I mailed on Friday?

Apparently his recruiter got it this morning.

And he came to Uberschool around lunchtime to talk to Buggy. He had to go to Buggy's AP's office to get permission to talk to him.

Blessing #1: SavvyAP had been Buggy's AP for his freshman year...and had kept tabs on him during his sophomore/junior years (she had been switched to seniors)...and still has a soft place in her heart for The Bugg. Especially now that he's one of her kiddos again.

Blessing #2: I had stopped by her office Friday to tell her the good news that he was NOT doing the Marines...and she was thrilled!

Mr. Recruiter had no idea what he was up against when he approached SavvyAP. She played dumb...acted like she didn't know what was behind Buggy's decision...made Mr. Recruiter think that it might be better to talk to an adult for "insight" about Buggy -- before actually talking to Buggy.

Reality: She knew exactly why Buggy made the decision he did. She also knew that if Mr. Recruiter had a chance to talk to Buggy, he might try some highpressure persuasion to reconsider...and she wanted to give Buggy some insulation from that. She also knew that Buggy leaves right after 7th period to go to Gymnastics.

Initiate Operation End Run.

She sent Mr. Recruiter to see me...to get that "insight". Little did he know that he had zero chance of convincing me to talk Buggy back into joining the Marines. I think he thought he'd come in and act concerned about Buggy and his future...win me over....and get me to say "Sir, Yes Sir. Let me deliver him to you, Sir."

Clearly, he has not met me.

Mr. Recruiter: He's definitely one of our best and brightest...I guess I'm just trying to understand the quick turnaround. SavvyAP said you might be able to offer some insight. *bright shiny Marine grin*
Ms. H: As far as I can tell, Buggy is just reverting to his original plan of going to college. He was going through some stuff at the beginning of the semester; but now that it is starting to clear, he is seeing that his original plan was attainable.
Mr. Recruiter: Well, I know that he was concerned about being able to pay for college.
Ms. H: True, but so many of our students here believe that if they're not rich, college is not an option. I worked in higher education for 6 years, so I'm constantly telling them that the money's out there....they just have to go get it. Especially for academically gifted, socioeconomically-disadvantaged students. (Especially the ones that have Ms. H in their corner.)
Mr. Recruiter: (apparently seeing he was not getting anywhere) "I'm going to go talk to him and his mother tonight. Thank you for your time...it was nice meeting you."
Ms. H: "You too."

Exit Mr. Recruiter.

About 5 minutes later, the bell rang to end 7th period. During passing period, Buggy stopped by on his way to gymnastics.
Ms. H: You'll never guess who came to see me.
Buggy: Who? (taking a drink of water)
Ms. H: Your recruiter.
Buggy: (choking -- bug-eyed) What?!
Ms. H: Yeah, apparently he came to talk to you about your decision. SavvyAP sent him to me.
Buggy: What'd you tell him?
Ms. H: That you had decided to go to college. What's more important is what I didn't tell him.
Buggy: What's that?
Ms. H: That I helped you write the letter. And that I mailed it. And that there was no way in hell I was going to talk you back into the Marines. Although I'm pretty sure he figured that part out.
Buggy: *grin*
Ms. H: He said he's going to come talk to you and your mom tonight. Make sure she knows that you're not legally committed...don't let him convince her that you HAVE to stay with it...just because he's concerned about getting you for his quota.
Buggy: Okay, Miss.
Ms. H: Call me when he leaves and let me know what happened.
Buggy: Okay, Miss. Thanks, Miss. *Buggy grin*
Ms. H: You're welcome.

Buggy called me tonight. Said that Mr. Recruiter hadn't been by...but that he had left a voicemail message. He said he needed to talk to him about the decision...and that he wouldn't get paid if Buggy quit. Thankfully, Buggy wasn't swayed by the emotional guilt trip.

Buggy: Miss. That stuff said I don't have to meet with him...unless I want to. I'm not going to call him back or go see him. But I know he'll come up to school tomorrow to look for me. What do I do if he comes up to talk to me?
Ms. H: Tell him you've decided to withdraw, and your decision is final. And, if he keeps pushing it, tell him that you don't want to be contacted again. And if he still keeps pushing it, come find me and I'll tell him.
Buggy: *grinning* What are you going to tell him, Miss?
Ms. H: I'm going to tell him to leave my kiddo alone or he's not going to like the consequences. If he's not careful, I'll tell the APs...and he'll be restricted from talking to any of the kids up here. Mess with my kids....see what happens....I didn't work this hard to have him send you over to get your butt shot off in a war...pleeeeeze....
Buggy: *laughing*

Sidenote: Buggy's mom was in the room while he and I were talking. She thanked me for my help with his letter...and the whole mess today. I think she's incredibly relieved that he finally made the decision he did.

I know I am.

Candle Update: So far, Buggy's girlfriend has sold about $120....and I'm currently at $219. PLUS, I told Buggy I get the credit from all the sales he's made at Uberschool. I think that's only right...considering that he made the sales inside my Sales Territory, don't you?