An Addition to the Family

I was hoping....but I was trying not to get my heart set on BigBro deciding to re-enroll. I realize he told me yesterday that he wanted to come back...and I wanted to believe him....but I also know those boys.

They have a mind of their own.

They have to believe that whatever action they're about to take is their own decision....or it's not happening.

(A note to MY mom...yes, Mother, I realize this is the fruit of that curse you put on me so many years ago. You know the one....."I hope you have one just like you." Thanks, lady!! It would've been helpful if you'd restricted that curse to "...BIOLOGICALLY have one just like you." Then I wouldn't have all of these children TO WHOM I DID NOT GIVE BIRTH paying me back for the hell I gave you!!!!)

I didn't realize all my muscles were tensed up until BigBro walked through my door today. I relaxed just a little bit at that moment.

And I relaxed even more when he gave me that grin and said, "Let's do this, Miss. I'm ready."

My conference period was next, so we went to see his counselor (who is also Buggy and CrazyBrother's we've been conspiring for A WHILE over these boys). She figured out he only lacks 8.5 credits. (Essentially an academic year.) But, since a lot of the credits were missed by 2-9 points, he can make those up in the credit recovery computer lab. He'll have to re-do the marking periods he failed, but not the whole semester. Whew!

The best news of all is that he has to completely re-take Junior English. And you can bet your keister that he's going to be in MY junior English class. Right where I can keep my laserbeam eyeballs on him.

It is completely possible that, if he goes full-time this semester with maybe a class or two in summer school, he could graduate in August.

Yep, that's right. I said August.

As in August 2007.

We then went to see SavvyAP, who was thrilled about the news! She was also very straightforward with Biggy. He can't be absent...or skipping....or in trouble....or he's out. She told him that, since he's 19, she's sticking her neck out with the principal and the district to give him this chance....which she's willing to do, but he needs to understand how much people are willing to put at stake for him.

He definitely got the message.

We went and picked up the paperwork for him to enroll....which I figured he'd just bring back tomorrow with his proof of residency (the lease).

Ummm no.

He looked at me and said, "Naw, Miss. I'm going home to get a copy of the lease and I'm coming back. We're gonna do this. Today."


He came back at the end of my last class, we filled out the paperwork....and took it to the registrar. Unfortunately, she had already left for lunch, so we have to wait til tomorrow to get him finished up.

And yes, MamaH sure did take full advantage of the opportunity to lay things out for Biggy. I told him that I was going to be in the middle of his stuff....more so than his mom ever thought about being. I told him I expected him to be a POSITIVE influence on CrazyBrother....who's struggling with his motivation levels to stay the course. I also told him I had reservations about him being back for the simple fact I didn't want him to get Buggy off track. And that he better watch it...because I'd worked too hard over the past year to be this close with Buggy for it to go down the tubes now.

When I said that, he gulped. And then said, "Gotcha, Miss."

And then....just to throw me off my BigMeanie game....he said, "Miss, I do want you to be in the middle of my stuff....I don't want to screw up this time. I really do appreciate all you've done for me. And all that you're going to do. Even if I forget to tell you...I do. I wouldn't be doing this without you." And he gave me a hug.

Welcome to the family, mijo.

I have to admit it's going to be a little weird having him back in my class....but only in that deja'vu kinda way. Because not only does he look AND sound like Buggy....which is going to make it feel like I've got Buggy in my English class (and battling the junior theme --oiy!) all over again.....but he also was in my class 4 years ago. We've both changed a lot since then, so it just boggles the mind to think how things were in the fall of 02...and how they are now.

All that being said, I am so grateful that I'm getting this opportunity with him. I feel like I'm getting a 2nd chance --- that I didn't know until October 2005 when Buggy wandered into my world I so desperately wanted. And needed.

I feel like all of my efforts with Buggy have been fruitful not only with Buggy....but also because they've built the foundation for me to reach out to Biggy -- and create the right environment for him to accept that help.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

I love this gig.

Ain't God great?