Learning Experience

This week has been a huge learning experience for me in the area of advising student groups. More specifically, student groups composed of high school students.

I'll spare you the entire saga....suffice it to say that the Only Fundraiser we were going to have to do is now going to be our Main Fundraiser. The kiddos didn't get on the ball like they should have, and we're not going to make near enough money from this fundraiser. (It cleared 1,000 last year. We're going to be doing good to clear 400.)


The kicker? The profit we lost can be directly attributed to 2 things:
1. The officers did not set up a dedicated spot in the cafeteria so people knew where to go to purchase. (Novel Damn Concept, eh?)
2. Their advisor didn't walk her happy ass down to the cafeteria to physcially check for herself that they were doing what they needed to be doing....no matter what they TOLD her. (Yet another Novel Damn Concept, eh?)


I guess we may be selling t-shirts after all.