A Universe Far Far Away

I've known for A WHILE that I'm going to need to marry rich. I have expensive taste...but I am not cut out for the cut-throat corporate world, high-paying though it may be. Which means I'm not going to get rich on my own.

Today, I realized that yes, I still need to marry rich....but more importantly I need to marry someone who has his own jet. This driving 500+ miles with a dog is FOR THE BIRDS.

We left home at about 11:30 a.m.....we got here at midnight. We made a TON of stops because I didn't want him to become the "CarPooper". Each stop took a long time because each time, we followed the same routine:
*Walk Freddy
*Watch Freddy become one with the landscape
*Watch Freddy pee (maybe)
*Put Freddy back in car
*Give Freddy a itty-bitty drink of water so his little body didn't explode from the heat
*Grab my purse
*Turn on the car long enough to crack windows for a cross breeze.
*Convince Freddy to stay in the car by himself.
*Go inside....
*Stand IN LINE for the women's restroom. (More about that later).
*"Do my business"
*Exit convenience store after purchasing more liquids for the driver.
*Return to car.
*Kick Freddy out of my seat.
*Commence the trip.

We made an extra-long pit-stop at the convenience store close by TheShortOne's house. So that hour doesn't count as "travel time".

But STILL. It should not take 11 and a half hours to drive 580 miles.

I just did the math.

We averaged 50.4 miles an hour.

Damn. No wonder I'm exhausted.

Thank goodness the Ipod was working.