You know it's going to be a challenging day when your horoscope tells you to "...so get ready to be flexible".

Translated: "Go back to bed. Now. I mean it."

Let's run a tally:
My lower back was KILLING ME from random stress, yard work, and lack of regular exercise. (By the time I left work, I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down and went to the chiropractor.)

I was on my way out the door (to go to the magic chiropractor) when Buggy's counselor asked if I could look at her computer, because it was doing something weird . (After all she'd done for Buggy, I couldn't say no...so I did a fly-by on her office.)

I forgot to switch my direct deposit to send my paycheck to my new account....so I had to do the bank shuffle: go to old bank, get a cashier's check.....then haul a$$ to my new bank to deposit it.

I went to pick up my MaryKFriend to spend the afternoon with her....bet you'll never guess what she's in town for.... (*wink*)

Endured Freddy barking his fool-head off at MaryKFriend's arrival and visit. (He's freaking psycho.)

Talked to Novia about the recent stubbornness/idiocy of The Bugg. He's been pissed off at me ever since orientation...and I don't know why. Why don't I know why? Because he won't effing talk to me!!!! He's adopted the "build-a-brick-wall-of-emotional-distance" strategy.

His strategy sucks.

Novia is going to try to talk some sense into him while I'm gone on vacation.

Yeah...that's right. I'm leaving tomorrow for a week's vacation. Freddy and I are taking a road trip to see the folks. It'll be his first car trip of any length...and his first time to meet Maggie, my parents' dachshund. Maggie's convinced she's human....she's just shorter than everyone else in the house. She's also In-Charge of her house and all those taller "people" in it....(the people know this, and have accepted it)....so it'll be interesting to watch her "school" Freddy. (Who likes to think he's in charge.)

Get 'em!!

My IPOD spazzed out tonight. It kept skipping through the songs....never actually playing any of them. After a sync/restore/reload (which took about an hour of my life) it seems to be working. I certainly hope so....because it could conceivably be a looooooooong damn trip without control of the tune-age.

keep your fingers crossed...