What I Did During My Vacation

1. Spent a longdamntime driving from Texas to Missouri.
2. Visited my dad's chiropractor....who not only adjusted the pain completely out of my hip ("...and there was much rejoicing in the land!!!"), but also gave me some nifty copies of my x-rays as a parting gift.
3. Read Lover's Lane by Jill Marie Landis.
4. Went Garage-Saleing with my mom, her neighbor, and my AuntZany. And yes, it did deserve Capital Letters. If we approached education reform like my aunt approaches garage sales, there would be absolutely NO children left behind. Period.
5. Figured out making a deposit at a "network credit union" works after my car-loan was zapped out of the wrong bank account. (Don't even get me started about people who forget that their job is to provide SERVICE to customers.)
6. Spent an inordinate amount of time examining my phone/wireless/dish/internet bill with a fine-tooth comb...and then moved on to comparing electric companies in view of firing my current one. (I've NOT been happy with TXU lately.)
7. Took part in Staples' Teacher Appreciation Day....got a nifto-groovy filepocket o' supplies and did some shopping while drinking sweet tea from McAllister's. MMMM!
8. Did some trouble-shooting for my jacked-up computer while officiating the Freddy/Maggie Wars.
9. Went to church with the parents. I was amazed by the sheer volume of noise the family behind me made. And I do mean Family. The whiney toddler, the incapable of whispering middle-schooler, the chattering mom, AND the World-Champion GumWrapper Rattler GRANDMA!!!
10. Had a mini-family-reunion with my dad's side of the family at lunch. I got to visit with a distant cousin who's on vacation from teaching in Guadalajara. Way cool!
11. Ran errands with Mom....then came home to sleep off the headache acquired while dealing with members of The Human Race.
12. Updated my blogroll so I could corral some of my favorite links.
13. Updated my blog so I could corral my activities of the past week.