Today's Staff Meeting by the Numbers

8 - the month
20 - the date
265 - the approximate number of teachers and administrators in Uberschool
20 - the approximate number of new teachers
8 - the time the meeting was supposed to start
8:10 - the time it actually started
15 - the approx. number of people who came in at least 5 minutes late (after the meeting started)
4 - the number of cell phones that went off (not counting administrators' school phones)
1 - the number of people who had actual conversations when their phone rang
1 - the number of teachers who brought their children to the meeting
2 - the number of computers that made "hey! I'm turning on!" sounds
9:20 - the time we got our first (and only) break
10 - the number of minutes our break was supposed to be
18 - the number of minutes it actually lasted
*infinity* - the number of stupidly cranky questions asked
5 - the number of people who ABSOLUTELY NEED to retire, if for no other reason than to keep their jaded outlook from tarnishing the newbies.
11:00 - the time the meeting was supposed to end
11:20 - the time it actually ended
4 - the number of ibuprofen it took to kill the headache
32 - the number of ounces of Dr Pepper it took to wash down the ibuprofen

and last but not least....
6.5 - how many hours I've got til my alarm goes off.