Good Stuff

Good Stuff #1:
I got mad props from our dropout prevention director for having so many of my tutoring kids pass the TAKS test last month. WOOP!!

Good Stuff #2:
Buggy retook the writing part of the accuplacer test....and passed it!! This means he'll get to take Freshman Comp, rather than getting stuck in the remedial writing class. (And yeah, he might need some help with Freshman Comp. Hmmmm, I wonder if he knows anybody who could help him with essays. Hmmm.)

Good Stuff #3:
Buggy put some shelves together for me while I culled 5 years of crap from the storeroom in my classroom. I went back today for 4 hours to reorganize all the remaining "treasures" and get my room ready. Granted, we don't get kids for another week, but I know I'm not going to get anything done on my prep days. Too many people have "just a quick question" about their computers. All I have left to do in my room is to swap my junior books for senior ones, put up my bulletin board, and do some filing. WOOOOOOOOP!

Good Stuff #4:
I got a reply from Uberprincipal about my stepping down as junior class sponsor. She said she understood and was fully aware of the time and effort I devote to the students and teachers of Uberschool. And that someone else could take over as junior class sponsor. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!

Good Stuff #5:
I've been working with APMcBuzz on some training for the new teachers this week. We've spent some time hammering out some considerable glitches in regards to computer access, and he's been super-supportive on lighting a fire under our computerdude's posterior. Yesterday, he sent me an email telling me I'm "awesome". *grin* (In case you're wondering about his blogname, Hellion noted that he is a flying flea....bzzzzzzzz)

Good Stuff #6:
I saved the best for last. This evening, as I was sitting outside waiting for Freddy to 'make water', I got a text from Preggo. She and BabyGrape and her mom may be coming to see me this weekend!!! (They're really coming to see Grape'sDaddy, who's doing training in BFEWestTexas, but why bother with reality?) Granted, the emphasis is on "may"...but I'm extra hopeful it happens. I can't wait for Freddy to meet BabyGrape! Keep your fingers crossed!!