Saturday Morning...

Wayyyyyyyyy back in the day, Saturday mornings were designated solely for Sleeping In. I was EXTRAgood at it. In college, I could sleep til noon...sometimes later, if left alone. (Translation: As long as MiMadre didn't get a wild hair to call me to conduct the "What are you doing?" survey.)

Sadly, my job at Uberschool with its WAY-TOO-FREAKING-EARLY start time has jacked up my sleep schedule and my internal clock, so I'm now a

Morning Person.

It's a tragedy. It really is.

It's not helped by the fact that The Housepooper has a really sharp bark.
And is not afraid to use it.
Which he did at 6:00 this morning. (Apparently, he thought we were going to be late for work.)

So I've been up for well over 2 hours.

What's more is I've actually been Productive.

(Note to My Family: Allright. You're not funny. Quit holding your breath...pretending to be surprised. Seriously, quit it. Or I'm going to tell them all of YOUR secrets....)

There, that's better. Let's move on.

Where was I? Oh yes....What have I accomplished this morning?

*Sat outside with The Housepooper, waiting for him to Produce. Instead, he ate grass.
*Came in and cleaned the kitchen.
*Fired up the iced tea machine to make some raspberry tea. mmmmmm.
*Washed a load of laundry.
*Emptied the dryer of last Wednesday's towels&skivvies.
*Put clean laundry in the dryer.
*Ran the dishwasher.
*Initiated & Executed ClothesHangerReconnMission.
*Took The Housepooper back outside. He, for a very short amount of time, wasThe YardPooper.
*Extracted clean/dry clothes from dryer.
*Hung them up.
*Spent some time catching up on Blogland.
*Snarfed Dr.Pepper out of MY NOSE while reading Chris G's post: Pantsed in the Dells.
*Cleaned DrPepper off of table & computer.

Now I've got to wrap this up so I can make a flying trip through the shower. I've got to wash the rest of the DP off me and get somewhat presentable, because I've got a meeting in 30 minutes.

Yeah. A meeting. On a Saturday.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Apparently it's time for my little neighborhood to have a pow-wow about forming a neighborhood watch. There's been a rash of "activity" of late....and the natives are NOT HAPPY. (Neither am I, because the NeighboorhoodDelinquent has been seen exiting my backyard by jumping over my fence.)

I guess I'm going to have to go be social.

Wish me luck.

You know how hard it is for me.