Day of Firsts - Recap

*I'm teaching Senior English. I've got a good group of doesn't hurt that I have a few in each class that I've had before. They help indoctrinate the others to my way of doing things!
*I'm going to drop my glass-half-empty perspective of switching grade levels. There's something to be said for not having to deal with 9th graders and their idiocy.
*I'm climbing back on the wagon of eating smarter and working out. I took my lunch today and managed to stay away from the vending machine. yay me!
*I've developed a small habit lately of drinking regular Dr. Pepper. That ends today. It was hard...but I resisted. I am SUCH a sugar addict!! It's SO not funny!
*I'm turning my cell phone off during the day. It was bad enough that my damn classroom phone kept ringing. I'm glad I didn't have to deal with TWO of 'em!!
*It's Buggy's first day of college. (His first class is English. Update to follow...) He came by a while ago. He was pretty jazzed about the whole thing...which was a HUGE relief! His Poli Sci prof sounds like a RIOT....he only excuses absences that are due to 'debilitating illness' or 'kidnapping'!!!! HOW HYSTERICAL IS THAT?!!
*That means this is the first day he won't be popping in & out of my room. That part was a little sad....I've gotten used to Buggy-Fly-bys over the past 2 years. Especially cuz it was always fun to watch the girls' reactions when Mr. SuperCutie rolled in....!!!
*I've also vowed that I'd start getting to school earlier....which means I need to get to gettin'!!!
Ummmmmmm yeah. That didn't happen this morning. But in the words of one Miss Scarlett O'Hara, "Fiddle-dee-dee!"

~nite y'all!!