First Week

Holy crap Batman.

Is it seriously the end of the first week?

Yeah, it's been reallydamncrazy....but overall it's been a pretty good week.

*My seniors are pretty low-maintenance. For the most part.
*I've had several of my kids from last year stop by to see me.
*Many are upset they're not in my class.
*It's hard to imagine there could possibly be kids who aren't in my class....considering it's standing room only in my soupcan.
*I've spent conference periods this week answering, "Just one quick question..." about computers.
*It took me 45 minutes to go get a cup of ice on Tuesday. Why? (Read previous statement.)
*Hellion and I have collaborated on lesson plans so we can share the workload. We are rockstars.
*I have picked up some extra tutoring duties that come with a $25/hour payment.
*Buggy has kept me posted on College Life. He's enjoying it. (And yes, I know that eventually he'll quit enjoying it. But I figure, as long as he keeps his support system in place...even when it becomes "Zero Fun, Sir" he'll still make it okay. ) **Extra Credit: What movie is that quote from?***
*Freddy is having a hard time adjusting to my back-to-school schedule. As usual, when he's stressed, he housepoops.
*I've decided to give him til next Tuesday to get over it....after that, if he continues to housepoop...I'm going to Petsmart to buy the piggy halloween costume for him!!!
*I've been unstoppable this week at school with my kids....extremely high-energy. It's when I get home, and sit down, (Like Now) that I realize just how damned tired I am.

I'm going to saw some logs.