The Day of Firsts

One reason I like living in the academic world is you get a fresh start each August.

In the spirit of the New School Year, I thought I'd take a look at "The Firsts"

*I'm teaching Senior English.
*I'm going to drop my glass-half-empty perspective of switching grade levels.
*I'm climbing back on the wagon of eating smarter and working out.
*I've developed a small habit lately of drinking regular Dr. Pepper. That ends today.
*I'm turning my cell phone off during the day.
*It's Buggy's first day of college. (His first class is English. Update to follow...)
*That means this is the first day he won't be popping in & out of my room.
*I've also vowed that I'd start getting to school earlier....which means I need to get to gettin'!!!