Apparently, the planets all lined up just so on Wednesday...and helped convince PAPartner that I wasn't so evil. She came in to talk to me several times yesterday (Thursday)...and was as friendly as could be! I really thought I'd stepped into a different dimension.

She met me at my door as I was arriving at school Thursday....chattering amicably about wanting my help revising some forms they use in the lab. (Apparently she forgot I was the enemy!) I was so discombobulated that I forgot to be mad about being tagged as the "Takeover Girl" and tell her to go jump in the lake, and actually started renovating the forms.

Later, she came in and said, "I totally see what you mean about Huff&Puff. Her mood was out of control yesterday. I thought you were exaggerating about her attitude, but I have to apologize to you. She was horrible yesterday!!"

(Thank goodness I have health insurance through the job...because otherwise the ambulance bill from my falling-out-of-my-chair onto my head could have bankrupted me!)

After the break, I looked up to see Huff&Puff standing at my desk, with PAPartner right behind her. H&P had finished her credit, and was about to go sign out with the AP.

Imagine my surprise when I heard this come out of H&P's mouth:
"Miss, I wanted to say thank you for all your help....and to tell you I'm sorry for getting mad at you the other day. I know you were just trying to help me."



I'm a little nervous that these events might be our first indication that Hell is Freezing Over.

If Hell actually is freezing over, I'm going to be unable to blog for a When Hell Freezes Over To-Do List is pretty long, and is going to take quite a while to complete. But I'll hurry back as soon as possible, I promise.