Pet Peeve-o-meter

The past 3 weeks have taught me a few things about myself. Before this session began, I used to think that my biggest pet peeve was when someone would chew with their mouth open.

I was so wrong. So very very wrong.

It's become clear that I have 2 pet peeves vying for the #1 Spot. I will now discuss them (in no particular order, of course).

I can understand the occasional need to smudge the truth from time to time to preserve someone's feelings. Is it still lying? Mmmmmprobably. But is it forgivable? Usually.
What I can't understand is when an individual knowingly creates their own reality...which portrays someone else in a negative light....and then presents their "reality" to others as The True Reality.
Be not confused. This is not smudging.
This is Lying. And it is NOT forgivable.

One reason I love Uberschool is the challenge of helping a kid realize their true intelligence and potential. Many of my discipline problems are nothing more than kids who think they're too dumb to do the work. Once I make it clear that they're actually very's just that they need to put all that energy into learning, rather than trying to run my class....they usually turn it around and get to work.
The kids I have a problem with are the ones that are Lazy.

I don't mean lazy in terms of they'll do the work, but will conserve energy whenever possible. (Because then I'd be fronting myself out, now wouldn't I?)

I mean Capital L - a - zeeeee. I've had two of these in my class this session. Let me introduce you to one of them.

Huff&Puff thought she would play the "this is too hard for me" game and I would give her the answers.
She has not met me.
The topper was when she came to ask me for help on the questions for the stories in her packet for sophomore English.
H&P: "I answered all the ones I could. These others are too hard."
Me: "Yeah, they probably are. Because they're not "Knowledge" level questions. They require you to take what you know about the story and process it."
H&P: "Can't you help me with them?"
Me: "Did you read the stories?"
H&P: "No."
Me: "Then I can't help you....not til you read the stories. You read the stories, and then we'll go from there."
H&P: "So you're not going to help me?"
Me: "Ummm, not til you read the stories."
(She returns to her desk....exhibiting behaviors that earned her her nombre de blog.)

A little while later, she huffs & puffs over to PAPartner's room with book in hand.
I go over there....she's in the middle of telling PA that "she's not helping me". I ask PA if I can speak to her in the hall....I update her on the situation....thinking surely she'll back me up and shut H&P down. Again. I was wrong.
"I'll make sure she reads it."
H&P returns to my room a short while later to work on the computer module. There's no sign of her packet.....I can only assume she finished it. There was no way in hell she'd had enough time to read all the stories and answer all those questions....but I decided she was PAPartner's problem from now on.

This morning, she came in and handed me her rough draft for her essay. I asked her why she had gone to PAPartner yesterday....she said "because you wouldn't help me". I said, "Well then, maybe you should have her look over your rough draft."

Later, she asked me for help on her mastery test on the computer. I was floored that she would ask me for help, given that I "wouldn't help her" earlier. But I went over, and explained what the question was asking....and gave her the parameters for what a run-on sentence was. I asked her if she was clear on what a run-on sentence was. She said yeah. So I sat down. I didn't answer the question for her, or even guide her through eliminating answers. Apparently that's what she wanted me to do, because she sat there pouting and sniffling....making a big show out of getting up to get name it.

The ultimate was when she brought her rough draft back to me. It was all crumpled up. I asked why.
H&P: "Because I got mad when PA told me it was wrong."
Me: "Well, if she told you it was wrong, why are you bringing it to me?"

Note to the People:
I am not the teacher you want to have if you want someone to do your work for you. Because yes, it might take less time and energy for me to give you the answer.....but damnnnnnnnnn! I'm not the one enrolled in the class. I don't NEED the credit for the class....I already passed it. You, on the other hand, need to learn how to use your brain. And do your own damn work.

Okay....let's take a vote. How do these rate on your Pet Peeve-o-meter? Comments, please!