This weekend was fan-tabula-riffic!!! We left Friday morning to go to the lake...and spent 2 days just chillin. There was no schedule. No timeline. No stress.

It was perfect.

One small glitch.

I slightly underestimated how much sunblock I should apply, given the fact that we'd be snagging rays while we were on a boat. In the incredibly reflective water.


So I am moderately crispy...but I'm not complaining too much.

After all...I am no longer the whitest white girl around!!

It doesn't get much better than that!!


I also gained a little perspective about my coworker "situation". I've decided I'm going to take the tally sheets for the report we've been gathering data for.....(that's we....even though she told HigherUp that I'm trying to take over)....and hand it to the partner so she can finish it off, and present it to her supervisor.

Or not.

It really doesn't matter to me.

I have decided that I am going to do something uncharacteristic for me.

The bare minimum.

I'm going to spend the next 5 days doing only what's expected of me for this session. I was going to go through the English notebook and make sure that it was in order....but have decided I don't want to "take over".

That would be rude.

So instead, I will spend the next 5 days preparing my curriculum for my impending switch to 12th grade English. As well as morphing my Junior Theme materials to Senior Theme materials.

The very very opposite end of the spectrum from "taking over".

That's me.

The Non-TakeOver Girl.