City Dog

I gave Freddy a mini-rawhide bone last night. He LOVED it! He carried it around the house, stopping periodically to chew on it, but mostly making sure it wasn't going to get bone-napped.

He spent a great deal of time trying to find a place to bury it. He tried:
the corner of the living room by the back door
the corner of the patio
in front of the tv
several places in the guest room and computer room
the floor of my closet - where the laundry lives
Each time he "dug out" a spot, placed the bone inside, and then used his snout to "cover" it with dirt. (Even though NONE of them were even remotely close to an actual dirt-pile.)

My favorite was when he jumped up by me on the couch, and started to wedge the bone in between the cushions. He then spent a good 2 minutes nosing the "dirt" up over it. He paused only long enough to give me a nasty look when my laughing interrupted his rhythm.

My response? "It's a damn good thing you're cute. Because you most assuredly are not that bright. City dog."