Today in a nutshell...

The psycho-dog slept all through the night.
There was actually more sunshine than cloud-cover.
I caved and decided to ask Buggy to mow the lawn.
He agreed...and showed up.
Afterwards, I asked him about his post-Orientation brain-damage.
His answer, "Cuz you were buggin'!" (I know. Ironic.)
He then asked me for a favor... my answer, "We'll talk about it later."
He then re-asked the same question SEVERAL times.
After the nth time...I responded, "Man! Why you buggin?!"
**Novia laughed...Buggy'sBuddy said, "Man! She used your word!"..Buggy was not amused.**
I told Buggy we'd discuss it after we finished talking about last week.
His answer, "That's old news, Miss."
My answer, "Not to me."
I stood my ground.....he stood his.

Welcome to Impasse. Population: 2.

This evening, Buggy and I spent a good two+ hours arguing -- zinging text messages back and forth. I was cranky...he was cranky....he was stubborn....I was pissy....several times I thought about either holding back or hanging it up...but I decided not to. I just kept hammering away.

Finally....finally....we had a breakthrough.

Me: Why'd you do an about-face on talking to me about college stuff...was it because you got overwhelmed?

Buggy: No.

Me: Bull. I know you. You were far more upset about that test than you let on. I bet once you got home you convinced youself you wouldn't be able to pass those tests. And you gave up. You refuse to believe how smart you really are.

In a stroke of anger-inspired brilliance, I finally appealed to his competitive nature.

Me: "I'm willing to bet that if you will just Commit to working with me on test-taking strategies....and Retake both those tests....and honestly do your best that your scores will improve. Unless you're afraid of trying..."

Buggy: "I'm not afraid!!"

Me: "Whatever. Prove it. You in?"


(And the angels broke into song...)

I then asked, "So. Was I right about the reason? Even a little bit?"

His response: "A lil."

I know...we're all thinking it..."Why the hell did we have to waste THREE WEEKS?!? Could he not just have spoke up in the first place??!"

stupid. stubborn. boys.