Today was what summer should be.

Sure, I had to get up and go to work....but I've got an E-Z gig for summer school this session, so it is not a hardship at all. After work, Hellion and I came back to The Casita and logged some time floating in the pool.

Did you hear what I just said? Did you catch the significance?

I actually got to spend an afternoon IN MY POOL.

It wasn't raining.

Glorybe, it wasn't raining!!!

Although the sun was not out in full force, it was putting up a decent-enough fight against the clouds. Once Corn got done being Fitness-Minded, she came over and partook of the sun and chlorine, as well.

So....there was much marinating and roasting of the Uberschool teachers this afternoon.

Freddy pulled his disappearing act and went to hide by the pool pump.

After they vamanoosed, I coaxed Freddy out of his hidey-hole so we could take a walk. As we approached the fence where the Chihuahua 4-Pack lives, 2 of them started barking their fool-heads off. Freddy did a mini-retreat...then looked at me. I gave him the go-ahead signal....so he started straining toward them. He never actually barked....but at least he didn't hide behind me like he's done every other damn time we encounter dogs smaller than him. (The dog's psycho. Put a rott or pit in his path, and he walks right up...sniffs their butt...with no hesitation whatsoever.) After he was Officially Pooped Out, we came home and spent some quality time with Mr. Couch and Ms. DVR.

Muy bueno!