Just What the Dr. Ordered....

Last Thursday was an absolutely crrrrrrappy day. It started out that way....and it just kept getting worse. Thursday night about 10, I had had all I could stand.

I wanted to get away.
I needed to get away.
I absolutely HAD to get away.

But where???

Inspiration struck. I sent Preggo, my former roomie, a text to see what she was doing for the weekend. When she said "nothing"...I invited myself to her house in Kansas for the weekend.

The absolute best part about old friends is that they never say, "Now's not a good time"....they say "Get yo beeehind in that car and get to gettin'!!!"

I drove to Kansas Friday....and spent the weekend with Preggo and her family. They live out in The Country. It was fantastically non-city-like, tons of green land as far as the eye could see....and quiet.


Scratch "quiet".

Something must be wrong with me. I'm delusional.

It was rarely "quiet". When you have 3 boys all under the age of 5....quiet only happens 2 seconds before they're about to get into something. HA!!!!

It was an incredible weekend....and I am ever so grateful to Preggo and her family (all 3 gajillion of them) for offering me sanctuary for the weekend. I am blessed to have such great friends...you are THE BEST!!!

I think I'm ready to face the workplace again tomorrow.

Let's hope.