Get Ready Freddy!

Freddy has been on an "elimination strike"of late. I think it might be because he senses that he's going to the v e t tomorrow.

Yep. I'm dropping the little Poopmeister off tomorrow morning, and he's going under the knife.

Well, not the knife exactly. More like the dental scraper-whoosit.

Brothaman has got some KICKIN' breath...and has needed his teeth cleaned since he waddled into my casita. Because the vet I use quoted me a price of TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS, I have put it off til now. I kept telling myself that I would drag Freddy down to see "Auntie Meredith" who's a vet...and said she'd do it if I brought him to her. But the other day I realized that I'm not going to have any significant time off until August I decided to get crazy and call the vet by my house. Glory be!! They only charge 130. WOOP!!

I can't wait til I pick him up tomorrow at 6. He may be a little cranky toward me...but at least my nose hairs won't burst into flames and fall out when Freddy exhales in my direction. Double WOOP!!!