The Wowza!

The Pool
I'm not sure if you've been following the North Texas weather....but we've been getting a TON of rain. Everything is soaked, er...saturated....and there is even more rain coming this week.

Aiy caramba!

It is pretty much a bummer that this is my first summer EVER to own a pool....and I haven't been able to spend much time in it AT ALL. I'm still the extra pasty-white girl. Yeah yeah yeah, I know that sun exposure is bad for your skin...but chill out with the sermons -- it's pretty much a moot point so far this summer.

There is an upside to it, though. I was able to make it through the second half of May and most of June without having to cough up the cash to get my sprinklers fixed. AND I haven't had to auction off a kidney to make my water bill. (Which is verrrry bueno!)

The Bugg
I'm not sure what's going on with Senor Buggy...but he's been trrrrippin' since orientation. I have NO IDEA what crawled up his tailpipe, but he's been keeping himself off my radar. (I've actually talked to his girlfriend and his brothers more than I have him. Crazy, eh?) As tempting as it is to call his mom and show up at his house to corner him (which she would smack him in the head for being a poop to me!)....I know from experience it'll be more effective to sit tight and wait til he shows back up. Which will happen. He's stubborn...but he's not crazy. At that point, we can discuss how it is possible to learn how to use your words to tell people what's going on in your head. Even for brain-damaged bugs.

The Pup
I picked Freddy up at the vet yesterday afternoon. His teeth are superduper shiny...and his breath is absolutely NOT stinky!! Even, this morning when he first woke up...there was no noxious morning breath!!! WOOP!!! (And I took advantage of his being under anesthesia to have him case he decides to run for the hills!)

The Bed
It's been a helluva day...there was a morning spent doing some exhausting summer schooling...and then TrainerDude worked my keister out like there was no tomorrow. I'm thinking it's way past time that I put myself in the b-e-d.