Sacred Sirloin!!

I can not believe the year is coming to a close.

The mind boggles.

Student Stress
I've spent the past few weeks up-to-my-eyeballs in student stress. It's amazing how many of the little cherubs get this close to the end of the year and then realize "Doh! I better figure out what I need to do to pass."

or Graduate.

I had a child with a 12 come up to me and ask me what he needed to do so he could pass.

and Graduate.

I responded with the slow, deliberate, blinking thing that has become my trademark. The kids know that it means, "I realllllllllly want to tell you just how big of an absolute idiot you are....but I've recently signed my name to a 30 year mortgage, which can only be paid if I am employed here. If I decide to go ahead and tell you what I really think, I will be suddenly unemployed and, soon after that, homeless. I want to tell you what I think, but not badly enough that I want to live in a cardboard condo."


Senior Breakfast
As you probably figured out from my last post, the Senior Breakfast was a huge source of stress and drama. Thanks to the fact some of my kiddos were desperate for extra credit, I was able to persuade them to volunteer for some "community service"....which "might" translate into some "magic" being worked on their grade. Ooooo boy...but they turned out in force. It was beautiful.

I was still extremely unhappy with my officers...but the event didn't have to be cancelled and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I'm hoping we can chalk this up to a Learning Experience. It helps that Uberprincipal complimented me on the good job we did.


Flying Buggy
Buggy has been a hoot lately! He went to the State meet a few weeks ago...and he did really well. He didn't qualify for the Nationals team, but he gave it his best shot. What's even more important is that I think he's remembering how much he enjoys it....and he's thinking about joining a club team after graduation. It's a little pricey, so he's going to have to make some sacrifices if he wants to do we'll see.

Collegiate Buggy
We've gotten his paperwork all taken care of for college. His financial aid package has been finalized, so now it's just a holding pattern until he goes to Orientation and registers. (He's asked me to go with him those 2 days....and I told him I would as long as he asked his mom if she wanted to go, first.) I think it's becoming real to him that he's actually going to college. For real, for real.

Scared Buggy
He's also been receiving some recognition lately. He received a scholarship from a civic group....and got to attend their luncheon this week so they could meet him. They had sent him a letter inviting him and a parent and/or teacher, and asking him to be prepared to introduce himself to the members...and tell them a little bit about himself. He acted like it wasn't a big deal....but he was so nervous, he couldn't even eat! How cute is that!
Considering that the boy is Always Hungry, to have him stand in a buffet line and say, "Miss, I'm not even hungry" ??
You know he had to be terrified!

After we set our plates down, I made a quick trip to the restroom. When I came back, he had the "I just swallowed a bug" look on his face.

Buggy: Miss. Mr. J just told me I have to go up there and talk.
Me: Uh huh.....?
Buggy: And I'm supposed to introduce you.
Me: Okay...
Buggy: So you've got to stand up.
Me: Stand up. Check. I can do that.
Buggy: And I'm supposed to introduce you.
Me: Okay. No problem.
Buggy: *getting paler*

(I realize I need to break some tension for the boy...)

Should I be worried? I mean....are you going to say mean things about me?
Buggy: (grinning back & relaxing a little bit) No. I'm going to say that you're my .....English teacher. Is that okay?
Me: Yeah. That'll work.

When I told his counselor about it, she got this sappy look on her face. At my question-face, she said, "That is so sweet!" I said, "Huh?" She said, "He was trying to figure out what to call you other than just 'my teacher'. You know he sees you as more than just his teacher....he just didn't know how to phrase it so the other people would understand."


Surprised Buggy
Thursday night was the awards assembly for the seniors. Buggy knew that the civic organization was coming to formally present him his he had to be there, looking spiffy...and he invited his mom.

What he didn't know what that his counselor had told me he was getting the Army Scholar Athlete award. She had told me she was going to recommend his name to the Athletic Director a couple weeks ago, and asked me to get her a list of his gymnastics accomplishments. I talked to his coach and we got her what she needed. The AD decided Buggy deserved the award (which is INcredible considering this is Texas -- and Buggy is NOT a football player!!!). When I saw Buggy's coach at the State meet, I made sure to invite him...telling him it was superdupertopsecret.

After the assembly, I got to talk to Buggy. He said that when the Army dude got up there to talk about the award, he figured "FootballTrackStar is going to get it."

But then the presenter started talking about the recipient winning "all events" and Buggy was confused.

"Maybe that's because he plays football and runs track..."

Then he heard him say, "Most Valuable Gymnast".

"Hey! That's Me!"

Then Armydude said something about people standing up...Buggy looked over....

"Hey! That's my coach!!"

The grin on his face when he went up to get the award was blinding. The boy was absolutely ecstatic...and thoroughly surprised. (Which, considering how nosy he is...was quite a feat!)

We have less than a week before Buggy walks across the stage...I can't believe it's almost here.

Holy cow.

The mind boggles.