Bad Luck?

I just read an email from my Jr. Class Treasurer. She was commenting on the fact that the BigBoxWarehouse donation for Senior Breakfast fell through. (They were going to donate all of the food/supplies we needed....but they can't make anymore donations until next week. The Breakfast is Friday. This Friday.) She referred to this event as "our bad luck".


Forget the fact that these children have put this event as their last priority to the extent that I had to talk to the administration and re-schedule the bloody thing....PUSH IT BACK A WEEK....because they had not taken care of business.

Forget the fact that these children have expected me to carry the fundraising efforts for this organization...and were verrrrrrrrry surprised that all of their plans about class t-shirts and backpacks didn't come to fruition. They couldn't understand why I couldn't make it happen....all I had to do was "send a quick email".

IN ALL MY FREE TIME?!?!?!? Because last I checked, I was receiving a paycheck for TEACHING. That's got to be my first priority.

Hold please. I just received a cute little pop-up box that says I have another email from TheTreasurer.

She was just letting me know that yes, she could be there at the cooking-fiesta after school on Thursday and would recruit some student help...(DAMN STRAIGHT, SKIPPY!) She then asked if I had asked teachers...or if she needed to do that. I told her that we're not going to ask teachers at this point...asking them with one-day's notice is. not. cool.

(I absolutely refuse to have my colleagues inconvenienced because these children could not get their act together. As it is, the Senior Class Sponsors next year are going to be incredibly suprised to see how much money they did NOT raise this year. I told the officers it was on them...they were going to have to answer to next year's officers about why the balance is so low.)

Especially now that we have to furnish all of the food out of our budget.

Since none of the officers have transportation so they can go shopping with me Thursday....and I totally don't wanna do the lifting and toting by myself, I just sent Buggy a text asking if he could help me.

Me: I need to ask a huge favor. Will you have practice Thursday? Do you think you could go with me to get the stuff for Senior Breakfast?
Buggy: Yeah I do.
Me: Poop. I was hoping you might be off because of State being over. None of the officers can go...they don't have cars. I'm super tired of covering the gap for them.
Buggy: I'll go.
Me: (through misty eyeballs) I totally wasn't trying to guilt you into it...I was just venting. But if you're sure?
Buggy: What time?
Me: After your last class.
Buggy: That's cool.
Me: Thanks a million. You rock.
Buggy: 1 (Our code for "yes".)
Me: (waking Freddy by laughing so loud!) One thing I've always admired about you is your modesty.

You know....he may be a putz sometimes, but overall?

The Bugg is a good guy.