Home Stretch

There are only 2 half-days left.

Now, some folks might want to simplify that by saying "2 halves = 1 whole day. You've got one whole day left."

To them, I say "Negative, GhostRider."

Because these last two half days are magical....and so very much unlike a regular half day.

Due to the fact that we are on a shortened schedule for exam schedule, we don't have to "experience" the children for the entire 90 minutes. Nope.

Exam Days are a series of "bubble-bubble-bubble...buhbye-buhbye-buhbye".



When I was in Houston last month, I showed AggieBro 'my' article from the Houston paper. (MissErin had read it, but he had missed it.) He then flipped back through my blog for a few minutes. After reading about some of Buggy's antics, he asked me if Buggy knew I wrote about him. I said no. He asked if I was going to tell him. I said I didn't know.

I'm still debating that. With graduation coming up, I'd kinda like to show Buggy the blog in a "this is your life" kinda way. BUT. I know that Buggy is supervigilant about his privacy....which is why there are some topics I've not even touched on the blog. I could kinda imagine that he would get a little upset about being the "star of the show'" and having his "business put out there"....but I also think that once he calms down and reads through the posts, he would see that the spirit of the blog is pro-Buggy.

But I just don't know....

any thoughts?