Too Through

I am too through with today. It was a seriously crrrrrrrrappy day -- full of attitudinal teenagers with bigFAT chips on their shoulders, and I was not in the mood to deal with them.

Let me break it down for you.

I have three classes a day.


I fussed at FOUR.

Yes folks, I not only fussed at all three of mine .... BUT I also managed to fuss at one that doesn't even belong to me. It belongs to NeighborTeacher. Being 2 weeks from giving birth, she wasn't feeling so well this morning...but went ahead and came to school. Part way through 1st period, she had to leave because she was dizzy, so I ended up pinch-hitting during my conference.
Most of her kids were fine. There were a couple who could not understand the concept of "Duuuuude, shut up. Don't talk back to Ms. H -- she'll get you." (This was helpfully provided by SleepyBoy, a student who goes from NeighborTeacher's 1st period to my 2nd period.)

Unfortunately, Wisenheimer1 and Wisenheimer2 did not listen to SleepyBoy.

Soooooo, when the Fussing began? SleepyBoy sat over to the side, shaking his head, and saying "Mannnnnnnnn, I tried to warn you."

For those of you who saw Grey's day resembled, to a large extent, Meredith's day. I say "large extent", because there was one major difference between our days...

I didn't start it by waking up next to McDreamy.