Lovin' Life

I've had a realllllllly good week. It's been long...and busy....but good. So good and busy, in fact, that my blogging has gotten neglected for real people -- as has my house. (We're at the "What violent crime occurred here to cause this much of a mess?" stage.)

Fillin' in the blanks....


**Biggy decided to stick it out in school. I did the happy dance.
**Buggy decided to go to a 4-year university. I did another happy dance.
**I got to spend 2 hours with Biggy, getting him ready for his test in Hellion's class...while we discussed "the old days" and how much he's changed.

**Got to witness Biggy & Buggy have one of their Incredibly Inane Arguments.
Big: What's this word --your handwriting sucks!
Bugg: Whatever, man...it's not my fault you never learned how to read.
Big: Whatever! It's because you don't know how to write!
Bugg: NUH-UH...it's because you can't read.
Big: Noooo...you can't write.
Bugg: Nope. You.....
--------> One would never know they are not 4 years old....seriously.

**I found out the termite inspection went a-okay, and we're hurtling on toward closing. (EEK!)
**I had an INCREDIBLE conversation about intercultural communication with my Speech class. We even sucked the visiting Maintenance Mechanic into the mix...she told me later she was very impressed with how I handled the class, and that it seemed like a great class.
**Ms. Maintenance Mechanic not only complimented me...she also hung the screen for my "new" presentation station. (I've had it since August.)

**I spent my lunch period with Biggy & CrazyBrother, listening to them tell stories about growing up. I learned A LOT of ammo about Buggy. *insert evil laugh here*
**I had a fanstastic time teaching sequence of events/free association/parody to my kiddos in 8th period while we read "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".
**I found out Co-teach is waiting to find out if she has non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
**Biggy'sAP finally caught up with him and gave him MaximumSecurity ISS for 3 days next week. Biggy accepted it without running his mouth....showing me that he heard what I said, and thereby lodging himself in my heart forever.

**Renovated my start-of-class plan with 2nd period to reduce my stress. It worked!
**Lit the world on fire by catching up on my grading. (Thanks to some serious help from Mija.)
**Read CrazyBrother the RiotAct about telling girls they're fat. The extra-serious riot act!!
**Spent the evening hanging out with Novia, watching Buggy work his magic. (He got into a small squabble with Gravity, and lost, so if you have a couple extra prayers -- send them up for his neck and foot.) Even though he tried to amputate his own foot, he ended up winning the meet. WOOP!!

I hope your week was an incredible as mine....