Novia and I have been videotaping Buggy's meets so we can compile them into a "The Year of The Bugg" video at the end of the season. Each week, I transfer the video to a vhs tape and then to a dvd so Buggy can see what went well....or as in last night's case...where the glitch was.

Last night after the meet, he was somewhat distraught that I wouldn't hand over the video camera to him for the weekend so he could watch the SPEC-tacular crash-landings he had. The funny thing is, he knew it wasn't because I don't trust him with it -- I didn't want to have to wait til Monday to see the video. We had a little battle of the wills....and, since I'm the GrownUp -- I won. (I love playing that card!!)

Of course, I'm sure he would maintain that he won....because he used those pitiful eyes on me: "Miss, can you bring the dvd to Novia tomorrow? Please? I want to see what I did wrong."


He's good.

So this morning found me transferring the video to the vhs tape, and then from the vhs tape to the dvd....where I watched:

a. The Bugg fly too high over the vault and most definitely not stick the landing - thereby smacking himself into the mat taped to the wall, at which point he bounced off and saluted the judge....before walking off, grinning.


b. The Bugg attempt some superspiffy maneuver on the high bar, which resulted in not one...but TWO .... SPEC-tacular crashes from mid-air to the ground. After both, he got up, shook himself off, and got back up there. After sticking the 3rd (and final) landing, he saluted the judge...before walking off, grinning.

Granted, I saw both of these (as well as the rest of the events) last night...but I was absolutely terrified that he was going to really hurt himself...and/or end up getting scored really low. Watching it this morning, knowing that he placed in both of those events and that he wasn't seriously injured (the foot/neck injuries had happened during warm-up, but were not serious enough to plant him on the bench), I was able to clearly see his single-minded determination to


It became crystal clear to me -- it's that single-minded determination that has brought him this far. He absolutely refuses to admit defeat...and will keep at it until he gets it. He listens only to that little voice inside that keeps pushing him -- and has grown out of being overly-easily influenced by peer pressure. Granted, there are times when that little voice convinces him that he should NOT listen to Ms. H (which makes me CRAZY)....but in the long run, I'm very much okay with that. Because if he can resist me and my incredibly-brilliant persuasiveness, then I know that he's going to be able to stand up to anyone else on this planet. (And yes, I AM that good. I got his brother back in school, didn't I? ha!)

After I watched it, I sent him a text message. "I am superproud of you for not giving up on high bar & vault last night...I just watched it several times, and clapped each time!"

His response? "Thanks, Miss. I'm proud of me, too."

*grin* That's my boy.