Blessed Distractions

After school today, I went to MY HOUSE to meet the guy from the water department (so he could turn my blasted water ON) and a painter to get an estimate. I then hauled Mija across town to nightschool (she's taking extra classes to graduate in 3 years)...and then....I should have gone home. To fine-tune the junior theme timeline. (Yes folks, it's that time again!)

And. Oh yeah. To pack.

Because I'm moving in a week and a half.

Instead I went to dinner with Hellion.

And then I went to Home Depot to check my paint color....and then I went to Office Depot to get Junior Theme supplies...and then I went to Target to get mousse.

Then....... I came home.

Where, instead of fine-tuning the timeline....I decided to check out leesepea's blog. On that blog, she linked to Ms.Bluebird's blog....who linked to Chris Garlington's blog.

HOLY CRAP. I haven't laughed that hard in FOREVER!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure all that laughter counts as some serious cardio.

Hopefully TrainerDude will agree with me when I go see him tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a timeline to tune....