After many many days of plotting, planning, and pricing....I am happy to report that the painting will begin tomorrow. WOOP! (In case you were confused, I decided to opt out of running my own paint-crew. I figured that the trying to finish the painting would be impossible, giving the impending onset of Junior Theme-itis.)

The paint crew will take a day or two to finish...I'll need to give the paint a day or so to "cure"....and then the carpet people will come to install my new, non-biohazard-y carpet. Double WOOP!

And Friday....the boys with the truck are coming to move my treasures to my new casa.

Double WOOP!

On a related front, my parental units have also officially closed on their new house in Missouri. After many glitches with the scheduling and implementation of multiple closings, the planets have all lined up just so -- and have managed to render my parents non-homeless.

This is especially good news, as it means they will not need to come move in with me. Laugh if you must, but I had a dream about it the other night....and it was TERRIFYING. (And I friggin' teach HIGH SCHOOL, takes A LOT to scare ME!!)

Given that I spent the evening recovering from an insanely-early start time to the day (3 a.m.) and got absolutely NOTHING accomplished along the lines of gotta-pack-my-crap-to-move -- tomorrow is going to be EFFF-YOU-ENNN. I need to light the world on fire in a big and major way.

But that's tomorrow.

Right now? I'm going to bed to read some of the new Danielle Steel book.