Mysteries and Conundrums

Granted, I followed the inspector as he did the inspection of my I was aware of many of the goofball things that previous owners of my casita had done:
*painting over the electrical outlet switchplates
*using a 99 cent extension cord to power the range hood
*slicing pie-shaped wedges off of the doors to help them close
*NOT fixing the little chain in the toilet in the master bath to make it flush
*installing brand-new ceramic tile in the bathrooms....but not re-tacking down the carpet
*leaving carpet in the house that the CDC should classify as a biohazard
*leaving the bathroom exhaust fan to vent to the attic
*not repairing the cracks in the walls due to foundation shifting
*NEVER cleaning out the ducts. ever.

These things I knew. I did. They baffled me, but at least I knew about them.

Over the course of the past several days, I've come to discover more and more of these little mysteries.
*the carpet in the living room goes a good 6-inches up the wall on all 4 walls. (Apparently to give it that "pit" feel.)
*the carpet in the hall was fixed with duct-tape
*the kitchen lights (commercial grade, by the way) are falling down because the bolts are giving way
*judging from the cut wires, the ceiling fan in the living room USED to have a light.
*the one working light fixture in the garage is the old-timey square, frosted-glass kind that you used to see in bedrooms in the 70s
*the nicest light fixtures in the ENTIRE house are in the entry way and above the back patio
*the door from the house to the garage had apparently been kicked in at some point, because the doorjamb is cobbled together with caulk and itty-bitty nails.

I'm quite sure there are many more of these mysteries and conundrums to be discovered. Stay tuned...I'll keep you posted.

:0) Hasta