Word(s) of the Day: Cautiously Optimistic

Although I'm being very careful to keep from getting overly attached to it, I'm about to make an offer on a house. The realtor is checking on a couple of things in terms of the value of the house....and we're seeing how much wiggle room the bank is going to give us. See, the house is about a month away from being foreclosed on, so the bank is trying to recoup as much money as possible prior to that. Hopefully, that'll work out in my favor. :) (Cautiously optimistic.)

I'm now on my second mortgage broker. A few days after meeting with the first one (and signing all the paperwork), I was talking with a coworker who had recently purchased a house. I was telling her about some of the particulars of my interactions with MB1..and how I wasn't convinced everything was a-ok...and she was concerned. Very concerned. She urged me to talk to her guy....if for nothing else than advice. I called him and shared my little tale. He was concerned as well..so after talking through the process --as-it-should-have-been -- he offered to run my info, and see what he could do. (Cautiously optimistic.)

When I got the paperwork the next day....he quoted me a MUCH lower interest rate, and is completely comfortable with the idea of talking with my father or my mortgage-broker-cousin to answer any questions they have. I'm pretty reassured about the fact that he doesn't feel he has anything to hide. He has been fantastic. Much love for MB2!!! (Cautiously optimistic.)


On the kiddo front, so far this semester Buggy, CrazyBrother, AND BigBrother all have perfect attendance. They've been taking care of business so far....let's hope it continues. (Again, cautiously optimistic.)

When I snagged BigBro after class today to show him his attendance screen....and the fact that there was no "Activity" on it...and to tell him how proud I was of him....I got a huge grin in response.

BigBro: "Miss, I'm doing it, huh? And you know? I'm even kinda enjoying it -- it's easy this time."
Me: "You most certainly are. I think you've got the right motivation this time...the kind that comes from inside. That's going to make the difference."
BigBro: "I think so, too, Miss. Thanks."

I had the kids brainstorm a list of potential essay starters the other day. There were question-stems such as "Experiences that have shaped you, Memories to save, Memories to delete, etc." We took one of the "Memories to Save" and turned it into a mini-essay...added details...and turned it into a very rough draft for a TAKS essay. I brought them home to read this weekend. Some of them were verrry good.

As I flipped through BigBro's paper to get to the essay, I stopped briefly on his list. As I read through it, I realized --once again-- just how thrilled I am that he's trying to get back on track by getting back in school. When I got to the "Favorite Person" entry, I had to read it several times before it dawned on me that I wasn't hallucinating...and BigBro is not someone who says stuff he doesn't mean....and before the tears would clear....

He wrote, "Ms. H."