Worn Out

I'm tiiiired.

I spent the day out of my classroom....at a staff development for technology stuff. It was pretty cool stuff...but of course I ended up with the Information-Overload Headache. Then I ran back to school to pick up my teenage-carpool-partner to run back across town to the realtor's office. ....One of my students from last semester had to move in with her aunt to get out of drama at home....the aunt lives by me and works in the Far North part of the Metroplex...so I've offered to help by giving her a ride to and from school. When I talked with the aunt last night about the departure/arrival schedule today, she mentioned she could leave work early to go pick her up. I told her that that wasn't necessary...I was going to look at houses with my realtor, so if she didn't mind Mija going with me, I could just bring her home with me when I came. She wholeheartedly agreed. :)

Mija's a great kid. She reminds me a lot of my cousin's daughter, Amanda. They're actually the same age, and have that verrrry determined air about them. I am so glad she's out of the situation at home, if we can get her through the next 4 months til she graduates....life will be so incredibly different. (She's been so committed to getting out of the craziness, that she's actually graduating an entire year early.)

She was a great sport about the seemingly endless parade of houses we saw today. She was good at finding the weird things about the houses....as well as locating the barking dogs in the vicinity. (Yeah, she found the pit/rott mix-neighbor-dog who was coming THROUGH THE FENCE with his forceful barking....the fence that was located right outside the MASTER BEDROOM WINDOW!!) Good eye, Mija!

After the parade of homes, we voyaged toward the homesteads to call it a night. We'll do it all again tomorrow...minus the staff development and the house hunting, of course.

Speaking of calling it a night....I gotta go to bed. I am worn out.