Wintry Mix

When I turned on the radio this morning, Tony & Cappy were talking about their slip-sliding drive into work. I was confused...I thought maybe they were replaying Monday's show.

I went to peer out the window....

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Apparently, Mr. Wintry Mix came to visit the Metroplex overnight. Snow is actually falling outside...and every now and then? There's some sleet thrown in for good measure.

I sat on the couch, watching the Winter Blast coverage on NBC5i, and actively grousing about our guest's visit via telephone with TeacherFriendHellion .....until...

Uberschool's district crawled across the screen, with those bee-yoo-tee-mus words following closely thereafter:


Now? Mr. Wintry Mix? He is my friend and I am soooooooooo glad he came to visit!!


I am in a weee bit of trouble though. Due to the onset of the Headache From Hell, I didn't bring anything home with me to grade last night. This would be a good thing, except progress report grades are due Friday. Crrrrrrrrrrap.

Seeing as how there's abso-damn-lutely nothing I can do about it...I'm going to pull a Scarlett O'Hara and worry about it tomorrow.