It sure FEELS like a Monday!

I don't know why I get so jazzed about long weekends....they're a pain in the butt to recover from!! I have to spend an inordinate amount of time re-training my chillrun on their routines. Aiy YI YI!

Once my 2nd period English class got settled in (translated: once I had to fuss at them for being ELEVENTH graders and not knowing how to sit down and shut up when the bell rang) we had a pretty good class. We did some of Gretchen Bernabei's writing stuff....and they responded very well to it. If you're a Texas ELA teacher and have not heard anything about're missing out!! She has a website,, and her books are fantastic!!

My 3rd period speech class were spooky-quiet. I'm not complaining....oh no! not me!! It's such a nice switch from last semester's thugs&disharmony class -- I think I could get used to this!

After school, I talked with the realty company. They're going to send out a structural engineer to check 'my' house while we're waiting on the nod from the bank. The house has foundation damage, and has been repaired, but I want to know if it's structurally sound before I decide to go out on a limb. So, they agreed to send a guy out to check the house (free of charge to me) and to have him look over the reports from the foundation-repair company. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Probably the most shocking thing of all today is this....I had a rather lengthy text-message conversation with Buggy. Granted, I would've preferred a face-to-face chat....but I'll take what I can get.

The recap:
  • the Marine vs. College thing (him: still thinking, me:supportive)
  • his recruiter (him: neutral, me: "he's shady")
  • his current state of mind & the fact I've been worried about him (him: "I'm okay", me: worried)
  • his dodging me (him: "not dodging", me: "bull-puckey!")
  • his strong influence on BigBro returning to school: (him: "if you say so", me: "just ask him!")
  • whether or not he's mad at me (him: no, me: relieved)

I feel a lot better about things...well, things with Buggy, anyhow.

I've got a super-duper-grande-headache ...the kind that doesn't bode well for my sinuses...and am going to go to bed.