A Bugg Breakthrough

I spent a considerable amount of time today talking with The Bugg. Apparently, our text-convo the other night cleared out his secrets and issues he'd been keeping....and he was willing and ready to discuss things.

Glory Be...the Bugg is back!

For the record, I was right. His recruiter had done a number on his head....had him thinking he wasn't totally out of the Marine DEP, and was still obligated to go on July 10. So, Bugg had himself convinced he needed to make peace with going...whether he wanted to or not. It took a little convincing/arguing on my part to get him to understand that the ROTC commander had said he was officially out. When I finally got that through that thick skull, he said, "Oh. Okay. I guess I'm going to college then."


And here's another cool part....he's wanting to go to technical school to learn how to fix cars. I think he thought I'd be upset he didn't want to go to a traditional 4-year university. Not so...I am all about him doing whatever he wants, as long as he's going to be happy.

And safe.

And free from bullet holes.

I think he about fell out of his tree when I said, "Sweet! I'll be getting my cars fixed...for life...for free!!!"

The response?

A big ole Buggy-grin.