I've spent the better part of the past three days hanging out in my house. It's been GREAT. I should've been getting a LOT more done interms of grading and such...but I haven't.

I'm currently in a holding pattern on the house. I'm waiting for word from the bank to find out if they are going to accept my offer. If they do, then I can move ahead with the inspection process....and see if it's going to be a viable investment. I am still willing to walk away from this house if it's going to turn into a remake of The Money Pit.

I'm also in a holding pattern where Buggy is concerned. I'm still not sure what's going on in his head lately...and who knows if he's going to wander by and clue me in. I'm beginning to feel like I'm living one of those movies where the protagonist tries to calm the wild horse....and only by concentrating verrrrrrrry hard on not paying the horse any attention whatsoever, is she able to get the horse to come anywhere close to her. I wish I were that patient....and I'm trying.

And yes, I realize that my Long-time Readers are recognizing the recurrence of this Buggy-Off-The-Radar theme. I flipped back through the archives last night...and was mildly reassured by the fact that he eventually came around...and things were pretty much back to normal between he and I. Of course, he also managed to get himself signed up with the Marines while he was off the radar....so I'm not totally reassured by the quality of his decision-making skills when he's flying solo.

But, then again, he is a teenage boy.

They really should come with warning labels. Don't ya think?