Will You Still Call Me Superman?

Not sure who sings it....but I heard it multiple times this evening at the gymnastics meet. (They played it between rotations while the guys were warming up.)

I was so excited that it wasn't that FREAKIN' SONG for the girls' floor routine....I was beside myself. (There were no girls there tonight...so not only was I not looking for a sharp object with which to perforate my eardrums.....the meet went a WHOLE lot quicker!)

Novia went with me....she is an incredible girl! We chattered nonstop the entire way there...through dinner....through the meet...EXCEPT when she was videotaping The Bugg (sssshh!)....and all the way back.

It's really hard to believe she's only 16. She's so mature...and has a ton of insight. No wonder Buggy has calmed down. She's got enough sense in her for the both of 'em!!

Buggy did really well at the meet. There was some pretty stiff competition, but he beat his personal record on Vault by scoring a 9.8!!!! (And got 2nd place to boot!)

Seeing as how Ms.H is superdupertired, and has to go wrangle chillrun tomorrow, I think I might oughta call it a night.