Tour of the Metroplex, pt. 2

Yes, I realize it's Tuesday, and I haven't finished my story about the weekend. Deal.

Saturday was spent running the BuggyShuttle. I picked him up EXTRAearly to take him to his SAT. I dropped him off...raced back to Uberschool to officiate Saturday School....and then hauled myself back to the other side of the world to pick him up. I took him home....dropped his BuggyButt off...and went shopping. I was only halfway through the first stop on my shopping excursion when my cellphone went off.

Buggy: Miss. Are you still around here?
Ms. H: Kinda. Why?
Buggy: I was wondering if you could take me to get my car battery charged.
Ms. H: Okay....let me finish here, and I'll call you back.

(And yes, I could've told him no....and he would've been fine with it. But he so rarely asks for my fact, has a huge problem with asking anyone for help, that I know it's a serious need when he does.)

I then went back across Ubercity to meet The Bugg to play let's-fix-the-car. After a couple of wild goosechases to a couple of different autoparts stores, we managed to find a crescent wrench small enough to loosen the last battery connection. This was the result of trip #1 to Local AutopartsSuperstore. (Trip #1 was made eversoexciting by the older-guy-cashier who thought he was a riot for repeatedly commenting how I was "wrong-handed". Because, apparently, if you're not right-handed, you are -- in fact ---what? Yes, that's it. WRONG-handed.)

Buggy thought he was a riot.

Upon returning to Buggy's parking lot, we were joined by BuggyMama. She was in the process of moving their belongings to the new digs. (Hence why the car needed to be moved ASAP...and why Buggy called in the Ms.HCavalry.) She thanked me for taking him to the test...and for helping him with the battery. I told her I was glad to help. We then succeeded in freeing the battery from its bondage, loaded up Mr. Battery, and went BACK to Local AutopartsSuperstore.
I was desperately hoping that CreepyFunnyGuy had gone home.

I was to be disappointed. Horribly, horribly, disappointed.

CreepyFunnyOlderGuy helped Buggy check the volts on the battery. (I wandered over to study the duct tape display like my life depended on it.) It was all I could do not to vomit when he adopted that I know more about cars than you do tone and said, "Well. You're sitting at 3 volts."

Buggy: "Is that bad?"
CFOG: "Yes, son. You're supposed to be at wonder your car won't start. This is a blahblah battery....from the factory...that's odd you've got it in your Japanese car."

I had to hand it to Buggy. He didn't slug the guy for being condescending. I wanted to...good thing I was engrossed in the periwinkle blue section of the display.

As they moved to put the battery on the charger and fill out the contact info, I wandered over to ask BenevolentEmployee about the status of their de-icer shipment. (Last week's ArcticBlast depleted my stockpile.) My distance proved useful because it kept me from hearing CFOG's question to Buggy, in its entirety. I think he asked him something about whether I was seeing anyone or not. I don't know....I'm actually afraid to know....thank heavens for uncertainty.

Buggy and I finally left....making a run for the border to find food to fill the 45 minute charging period. (As well as our tummies!)

We returned....44 minutes later. We walked in...CFOG asked BenevolentEmployee to "get that battery for know...the one that wouldn't hold a charge".

BE did. He explained to Buggy that, although the battery was shot, he would need it to trade in when he bought a new one. He then told Buggy that the cheapest place to get one was Wal-Mart. He said, "I could sell you one...but if you're looking to save some money....WalMart is the place to go."

(And we now know how he earned the name BenevolentEmployee.)

Buggy thanked him, hoisted the battery, and headed for the exit with yours truly in tow. BE looked at Buggy....looked at me....and said, "Is that your boy?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Buggy pause so he could hear my answer.

I chuckled, and said, "Not technically. But sometimes it sure does seem like it."

All three of us chuckled as Buggy and I made our exit.