The Tour of The Metroplex, pt. 1

That's the official title I'm giving to this weekend. Apparently, this weekend is all about seeing how many miles I can put on the Elantra while cris-crossing the Metroplex.

Last night (Friday evening) was the gymnastics meet....which was "away", so it was in "Egypt" (north of Fort Worth). Novia's parents said she could ride up there with me so she could see The Bug in action. She videotaped all of his events....and we decided we're going to do a compilation dvd, complete with a soundtrack for him. (Conspiracy!!) She and I had a great time trading Buggy stories. She has really had a large influence on him -- he's much. much. calmer. (I HEART Novia.)

He did realllllllllllly well last night. He placed in the Top 6 in 5 events...(2nd on Vault, WOOP!)...and placed 5th All-around. His shoulder did the popping-out thing again, though. (Blech!) But he was too hard-headed to NOT do the rings (his favorite) event...go figure.

Speaking of hard-headed. we're on the approach for the turn into his apartment complex, so I can drop him and Novia off:

Buggy: Miss. I might not wake up for the test tomorrow. (The SAT)
Ms. H: You better. If I get up...and get all the way here to pick you up...and you don't get up, you're going to pay!!
Buggy: Oh. Okay. So you can sleep in too.
Ms. H: Nope. You're going to take the test tomorrow.
Buggy: Nah. I can take it later.
Ms. H: No. You can't.
Buggy: Yes. I can. All I have to do is switch the date.
Ms. H: No.
Buggy: Yes.
Ms. H: Okay...but let's be real. I'll end up being the one calling to switch your test date. And...if I call them to switch your test date...I'm going to sign you up to do the writing part of the test.
Buggy: WHAT?!!! NO, MISS!
Ms. H: Yep.
Buggy: Why?!
Ms.H: Because we shoulda signed you up for that part from the gitgo...but I screwed up. But if I change the test date, I can add the test...and it won't be any big deal.
Buggy: But I don't WANNA take the writing part. I HATE writing -- I'm not good at it.
Ms. H: Too bad. You change test dates, and you better be ready to write.
Buggy: Miss. That sucks.
Ms. H: Too bad.
Buggy: All riiiiight, I'll take the test tomorrow.
Ms. H: Good choice. (as Novia and I exchange the "Ms. H wins again" grin)

~to be continued...