Cool & Amazing Things

Cool & Amazing Thing #1:
Last Monday, Buggy turned in his Senior Theme to Hellion.

Cool & Amazing Thing #2:
Last Tuesday, yet another Senior Theme was turned into Hellion....this time by CRAZYBROTHER!
I know...holy sha-moley!!

Cool & Amazing Thing #3:
My little brother, MattMatt, MissErin, and I drove to The Natural State for Thanksgiving. We had a BLAST! The crazy kinfolk were as crazy as ever....good thing we were there to provide some normalcy.


Cool & Amazing Thing #4:
I showed my family the video of Buggy from Regionals. They were IMpressed. It helped that MissErin did gymnastics....and was providing insight about how difficult the moves he was doing really are.

At that point, one of my parents said, "Well, if he did decide to go to the Marines, he'd definitely be able to handle the physical part of it."

My response? (after feeling my heart drop deep into my stomach...)
"Over my cold, dead body."

Cool & Amazing Thing #5:
I had an incredibly relaxing vacation....and my brother's decision to come home today means that I had this afternoon/evening to get errands and laundry done. Tomorrow, all I have to do is type my semester exam questions into CPS (Classroom Performance System)....and I'm good to go for Monday.

Of course, that's when the rat race begins again....but ,right now? Totally not thinking about that.

fiddle dee dee