Today's milestones:

*We wrapped up this semester. (And I even got my grades in -- EARLY)
*BigBro enrolled in Uberschool....officially.
*Buggy made it a whole semester without getting in a fight.
*I made it through the semester without smacking the SuperAnnoyingGangsterKid in my 3rd period. (Thank GOD it's only a semester-long class!)
*UT-Teacher made a deal with BigBro to regain the 1 point he needs to get credit for the class he took from her 2 years ago.
*BigBro didn't whine or gripe about the essay UT-Teacher assigned him, and actually started writing it immediately. (Write about the importance of choices, and how they can impact not only your future, but the people who care about you, as well.)
*CrazyBrother failed my class for the semester by ONE POINT.
*I did not "work my magic" to make that point appear. Instead...
*I made him come back up to school to talk to me about it. BigBrother came with him.
*BigBro provided back-up when I fussed LOUDLY at CrazyBrother for failing.
*BigBro suggested I have CB write an essay to get his 1 point.
*BigBro & I decided that his essay topic could be "recycled" for CB.
*CB and BigBro had several heated....LOUD...exchanges regarding CB's failure...(not sure exactly what was said -- it was all in Spanish)...which resulted in the fact that....
*CrazyBrother left my classroom at 5 p.m. with a HOMEWORK assignment that is due PRIOR to the beginning of the next semester.
*BigBrother is beginning to get the full picture of what it means to have Ms. H in the middle of your stuff...

....and he seems to be okay with it.

And the best milestone of all???!?!