The Buggy Update

Very quick post....because I've gotta go to bed!

It felt so amazing to be back in those uncomfortable bleachers watching Buggy work his magic! He did pretty well, all things considered...and placed 5th on floor....considering it was only the 2nd meet of the season and he's been on light duty with the shoulder -- a valiant showing. (Tonight was the first night he's competed in rings in a a little bit of rust on the Bugg was to be expected.) The competition this year is fierce, so he got kinda discouraged...but I have faith that he'll turn it around.

MarineDude was back on campus looking for Buggy today. He showed up at the office where Buggy is an aide. (Buggy was in my room working on his senior theme.) Apparently MarineDude got a little cranky and started grilling the other office aide. Let's call her Stonewall.

MarineDude: Can I talk to Buggy?
Stonewall: He's not here.
MarineDude: Do you know where he is?
Stonewall: No, I don't. (falsehood!)
MarineDude: What? Did he take off running when he saw me coming?
Stonewall: No...he wasn't here.

Stonewall, a former student of mine, knew good and well where Buggy was. She simply chose not to tell annoying MarineDude....opting instead to drop her membership card in Ms. H's Buggy Patrol Club.

The funny'd think since my room is riiiiiiight around the corner, he would've come to check and see if Buggy was there. He didn't....

Hmmmmmm, I wonder why....

Could it be because he knows he will get ABSODAMNLUTELY NOWHERE with Buggy if I'm around?

*evil laugh*

I'm telling you, if he keeps harassing Buggy about "coming down and signing papers"...(which Buggy does NOT have to do)...MamaH is gonna get involved. I get the feeling he's trying to pressure Buggy into reconsidering, and I don't like it. Not one bit.

He's up to something shady, and I won't have that around my kiddo.

I told Buggy, "I'm not sure what he thinks he's getting away with...but I'll guarantee you it's going to be less than he ever imagined if he doesn't back off. He keeps this up, and I'll get the adminstration to ban his butt from campus. Seriously. He does not want to mess with me."

Buggy's response? *big grin* "That's my teacher."