The Brother, The Betrothed, The Barking Seals, and The Bugg

I went to Houston to see the brother and his betrothed this weekend. Actually, it was the first time that she and I had met in person. We've talked on the phone (at length) several times, but this was the first face-to-face....and I think we were both a little nervous!

Granted, I had talked to her on the I had a basic read on her....but I was still a little unnerved that I was meeting The Woman My Brother Was Going to Marry. I mean, come on. We've all seen Dr Phil...with the sisters-in-law who can't get along. Sheesh!

I needn' t have worried. MissErin is the absolute best thing that could've ever happened to my brother. She is an incredible human being, and it is easy to see why he loves her so much. After growing up with His Highness, I was relatively worried that he had her duped into believing he was some always-in-a-good-mood, sophisticated guy.

Again, unnecessary worrying.

They've known each other like 7 there's no way she hasn't seen the Captain Crankypants side of him!! ha!

The only downside to the weekend with the bro was the impending arrival of The Barking Seal Show. The sinus infection I've been fighting for a couple of months now stowed away to travel with me to Houston...waiting until my allergies had been set off by new flora and fauna to climb out of the suitcase. I came home Sunday....feeling like poop....REALLY glad I had already taken Monday off.

Dammit to hell, "personal/other" day on Monday turned into a "sick" day. That's what happens when I try to play hooky!

Sunday evening, The Barking Seal Show set up its bigtop in my house...where it gave non-stop performances until I gave in and went to the doctor Tuesday evening. The only good thing I can say about it is that at least it keeps me from getting laryngitis. (Which I'm sure my kids at school PRAY that I'll catch!!)

I helped The Bugg with his senior theme yesterday after school. (Even though I desperately wanted to visit the doctor, I simply couldn't resist those Puertorican puppydog eyes..."Miss, can you please help me?")

In and among researching the fascinating intricacies of medieval weaponry (sarcastic? who? me?) ...I got caught up on the life of The Bugg. Turns out his recruiter from the Marines stopped by to see him at school yesterday. (Holy Moley!)
Snippets of their conversation:

MarineDude: I don't understand why you dropped out.
Buggy: The military just isn't me.

after discussing Buggy's return to the college plan...

Buggy: I've been researching grants and scholarships.
MarineDude: I just really think the military is going to help you be the best.
Buggy: I'm already the best.

(I gave Buggy a BIG GRIN at this...sometimes he's too hard on himself, so it's good to see him realizing he's got a lot to offer. He's come a long way.)

MarineDude: Did Ms. H talk you out of joining?
Buggy: No.
MarineDude: She didn't?
Buggy: No...she was supportive of whatever decision I made. She even bought me a book about the Marines.
MarineDude: Oh. Did she help you write the letter? It seemed really formal.
Buggy: (lying) No, I wrote it. I had a friend from work help me.
MarineDude: Oh.

I'm SO jazzed. Tomorrow night is the first home gymnastics meet...I'll get to see The Bugg in action once again! (He won first on the floor last week against some pretty stiff competition, so I'm excited to see how he does tomorrow night on his home turf.)