Who Knew the "H" was for Heartless?

True to form, Crazybrother decided today to do his senior theme...and turn it in. He called me after school today to see if I knew where his teacher, Hellion, was. I did....I was standing in her room. He said he was on his way to turn in his paper. I told him he needed to hurry, cuz Hellion was in a MOOD...

He arrived....Hellion put him through his paces about his lack of motivation, effort....the fact that he is the ONLY thing standing between himself and graduation....et cetera...

And me?.....I said nothing. I simply sat off to the side and ate my piece of cheesecake.

Hellion, after ascertaining that he was most definitely not finished with the paper, was apparently the victim of a tragic attack of charity/insanity/alien possession; she told CB he has until Monday morning at 7:30 to turn it in to her. If he doesn't he will most assuredly receive a zero....which will make him fail the six-weeks....which will make it nigh to impossible to pass for the semester. AND his failure to turn in the senior theme will mean he can't take the computer-based credit recovery class. Helllooooooooo....no May graduation.

And me?...I continued to say nothing. I finished my piece of cheesecake and made absolutely no offer to help him with the paper.

I felt a little guilty...but then I remembered a Friday evening 2 weeks ago when there was a Monday morning deadline looming. And I distinctly remembered hearing Hellion's voice telling me that CB did not actually turn in the work that I gave up my Friday evening helping him with.

I got up...threw away my plate...and said...absolutely nothing.

It remains to be seen if CB gets it turned in. I hope he does.