The Cranky Ms. H

You ever have one of those kids in your class that sets your LAST NERVE on edge?! The kid who you have to KICK OUT OF CLASS THE FIRST 6 MINUTES he's in the room?

I do.

And I almost lost my religion today over him.

This child CAN NOT keep his mouth closed. I'm about to get him a prescription for the tragic, tragic disease he is suffering from. You know the one. Verbal diarrhea.

At first, I thought that he was doing it intentionally. Now, I'm really starting to believe he doesn't realize he's actually saying the random-ass thoughts that are going through his head. All 80 gajillion of them.

I have a student in that class who is ti-i-i-red of his mouth...almost as tired of it as I am....and puts him in check frequently. Yes, some folks would consider it rude...but Random-assThoughtKid barely even registers that she's talking to him. He just keeps on blathering. I'm having a hard time convincing myself to stop her from saying these things. I figure maybe this is how he's going to learn that his classmates (coworkers) are affected and BOTHERED by his communication patterns.

So far...he's not catching any of it. Maybe I need to get him one of those HDRadio antennas. Maybe she's broadcasting on an in-between station that he can't hear.


I let Crankybrother have it today, as well. The punkass went to Hellion's class today...without his grammar packet completely done. Turns out, he got frustrated last night when Buggy was cruising along through it...and left him behind. So he shut down. And forgot to start back up when he got home.

(Oh. And according to CB it's my fault because I was helping Buggy more than him. I'm sorry...but if YOUR butt is sitting across the room, NOT asking for help, WHILE you're text messaging your am I supposed to know that you need help? Punk.)

I would've been a little more understanding if Hellion hadn't told me he currently has a 0 in her class. Yeah, that's right....a complete zero. And we're at the halfway point of the 2nd 6-weeks. Turns out he spends many many class days with his head down on his desk. Not working. He is totally, all about earning that zero, I tell ya.

She told him he has until the tardy bell tomorrow morning to turn in his work. After that, she's not changing ANY grades in the gradebook.

So...I stayed late today to get my grading done. CB came by. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I was very upset with him...and if he expected me to continue to intercede with his teachers, he needed to WAKE UP and use his classtime efficiently. Otherwise, i won't be able to convince his teachers to give him an extra chance when he hasn't used his first chance wisely.

I told him to sit his rasty behind down, and write the journal that he didn't do in my class because he was upset with his girlfriend. And he wasn't leaving til he did.

Fast-forward to 6 p.m.

Buggy came back up to school. He handed me the envelope with his recruitment paperwork in it. Apparently he was ready to edit/print/send the letter to the Commander to exit the DEP. (I do believe the decision was helped along by his recruiter calling him and griping at him about not making it to PT. *grin*)

His entrance was a riot!

Buggy: MISS! What IS that music!
Me: It's an 80s station on the internet.
Buggy: Change it. It sucks!
Me: Um no. Right now it's what's working me out of my bad mood.
Buggy: (turning to CB) What'd you do, now?
CB: Nothing.
Buggy: Mannnnn, you better hurry up and get that journal done! I'm not listening to this crap for too much longer!
(Insert Argumentative Spanish Interlude. I'm not sure exactly what they were saying, but they WEREN'T happy with each other.)
Me: (reaching out to turn up the volume) *satisfied grin*

Status Report:
  • CB turned in his journal.
  • Tomorrow is Friday.
  • My grades are close to finished for tomorrow.
  • Buggy gave me the tape of Regionals so I can burn it to DVD.
  • I'm 2 minutes away from having the first DVD completed.
  • I'm 2 minutes away from sleepytime.
  • All of a sudden, I'm not so cranky anymore.