Can Someone PLEASE Remove the Icepick From My Ear?!

I had a sinus infection about a month ago. Went to the doctor, got some drugs, took them, got over it. Or so I thought.

My ears started getting gloopy Sunday...I figured it was because of all the rain we had this weekend. Um no.

It was due to the return of the damn infection. This time it had made its home in my right ear. I got my prescription re-filled...and figured I was good to go.

Except today, it felt like someone was jabbing an ICEPICK in through my right ear...and digging around. I really thought I was going to burst into tears....especially when AnnoyinglyDamnLoudCoworkerChick came on the announcements during 2nd period. It was all I could do not do turn into the waterworks.

I talked a couple of friends into covering my class so I could run to the doctor...and make sure my ear drum wasn't on the verge of exploding. (I have GREAT friends at Uberschool!!!)

I went to see TheDoc....she told me she wasn't going to be able to do anything. (First time in 5 years I've heard that from her, by the way!) She was going to refer me to an ENT.

I have an appointment with an ENT tomorrow afternoon. I'll miss my date with Satan, errr TrainerDude, but at least I can get on the road to better hearing health. (And less pain.)

Gonna get some sleep....or try to, anyway. (TheDoc said I have to sleep "propped up" keep "the gunk" from "pooling".)

Nice thought, eh?

Sweet Dreams.......