Oiy Vey, What a day.

ENT Update: I went to see the ENT yesterday. After waiting for an hour and a half, I got to see the doctor. Of course, when she looked in the icepick-ear, it didn't look bad at all. Figures, eh? It worked out well overall. We discussed my allergies and getting them under control...which would help keep the sinus infections at bay.

I came home from the doctor, ate dinner, and went to bed at 8:30. Amazingly enough, when I woke up at 5 a.m., I actually felt rested!

After school, I offered to take Buggy to turn in his application for a gymnastics instructor position at the community center. He was incredibly cranky...and kept saying no, I'll do it later.

(Keep in mind that "later" is relatively impossible, considering the office hours' conflict with his practice schedule.)

I got frustrated, and finally said, "All right. Fine." in that incrediblypissy tone of voice. (The one I learned from my mother when I was a teenager! ha!)

It worked. He said, "Miss, why are you frustrated?

Me: Silence

Buggy: "Okay. Miss. Let's go."

Score one for Ms. H!!

When we arrived at the office, I parked, looked at Buggy and said, "Get out." (*grin*) Buggy's eyes got BIG. He said, "Miss, will you go in with me? You talked to the lady the other day...please?"

(I had called to check and see if the "high school diploma required" statement was solid...I told the lady that I was a teacher who had a student who'd been on the team for 4 years...would graduate in May...and was bilingual. Her response? "Yes, please have him fill out an application.")

I gave in, and got out of the car to go in with him. On the way in, I said, "Seriously, why are you so nervous about talking to strangers? All you gotta do is just turn on that charm...and they'll end up wrapped around your finger!"

His response? "I should've done my hair."

Turns out the lady I spoke to had already left for the day, so Buggy dropped off his application....and we left.

Eighteen minutes later....the phone rang. The woman (who had left for the day) was calling him to set up an interview.

Eighteen minutes later.

A little while into the conversation, she must've been asking questions about his experiences instructing kids....because he started talking about helping the little guys at camp this summer. Apparently hearing he went to camp at OU helped her decide she needed to interview him. Quick. Like tomorrow afternoon. When he said his coach would probably be okay with him leaving practice a little early so he could do the interview in the afternoon.....she asked him if 9 o'clock Saturday morning would work for him. He said, "Yes, ma'am. Thank you."

When he got off the phone, I said, "Do you realize how incredible that is?! She called you EIGHTEEN MINUTES after you turned in the application. AND she's going to come in ON A SATURDAY and interview you. Clearly, she's interested in hiring you. Seriously interested."

His response? A big o' Buggygrin.

I told him, "The reason the salary is what it is? They're paying you for what you know....all those skills that you have in your head. I ask just ask one thing...please, please...don't teach those babies the Dying Cockroach right away. Please. Wait at least a few weeks, okay?" *grin*

His response? Another big o' Buggygrin...and a "Okay, Miss."

Oiy vey. What a great day!