Nachos and Skittles and Proceeds, Oh My!

Friday was the last night at the volleyball concession stand. Although I've enjoyed my brief stint in foodservice has definitely been a walk down memory lane. In college, I worked at Dairy Queen. I had forgotten just how motivating it can be to work in foodservice. Motivating to do something else...anything else than that...for the rest of your eternity. Coming home smelling like nachos and popcorn....not my idea of a long-range plan.

A couple weeks ago, VBallCoach asked me how I wanted to do the transfer of the proceeds. We had talked about it going to the Junior Class, but since none of them worked it, I asked her if it could go to the Gymnastics team. She said yes...that she was going to give us 20%, which at that point was about $500 (with about 3 games left to go).

I told Buggy...and he about flipped! $500 is a bunch of money to a student organization. A Bunch. He asked if he could be the one to tell Coach, and I said yes.

Needless to say, Coach was thrilled!

Now that we've officially finished the season, VBallCoach is going to tally up the cash, and do a transfer to the gymnastics team. (I don't know the official total, but I'm guessing it's going to be around $650 or so.)

I would love to be there when Coach tells the rest of the team that, due to Buggy's efforts helping out his school, the entire team will be gaining a substantial sum of money. Maybe, just maybe, that will balance out the universe....just a little bit.

In other Bugg-News...the interview went well. Really well. I don't want to jinx I won't say anything more. For now.