Who Knew

Last night after I posted I figured I should find something to wear for my costume. I'm a coach, so that means I should find windpants or trackpants...something to that effect.

I go into my room and dig out every pair of athletic pants I have (EXCEPT shorts...I've lost my tan, so I'm back to being pastywhite).

I try them on.

All of 'em.

Nothing fits.

And when I say, Nothing fits.... I mean....

They are so INCREDIBLY huge that I look ridiculous.

Apparently I'm going to spend my conference period today running to Academy to find some track pants.

And a whistle. Can't forget the whistle.

(And yes, I realize the entire universe just shuddered at the concept of me, The Loud One, adding a whistle to my arsenal.)

Exit Ms. H stage left -- laughing maniacally.